Happy Women’s Day!!!

Reliance Fresh Direct Women's Day

Women’s Day is a day of recognizing and celebrating the importance and strength of women. On this special day, let us all take a moment to salute the different facets of a women and make her feel special and worthy of what SHE is 🙂

She is a Mother- the do’s and don’t list comes from her. But still I look for my mom when I come home. Dad, where’s Mom ?

Does this happen to you???

She is a Sister- Awww….my partner in crime. Sharing and caring best examples with demo. LOL.

She is a Friend- I bet on this….a 24X7 friend, so busy and vibrant yet always on her toes to make life so colourful.

She is a Colleague- the ultimate founders of Work Life Balance. I guess, multi-tasking word was invented to honour all the Women’s surviving on this planet J

She is a Boss- Be it home or office, a Women is always a boss in her own skin.

Today we take this opportunity to thank all the women’s who have made a difference in our life and at least once made us say in our tiny heads, Thank god you are here!

What best could be but to spend some awesome time with your loved one…

Go out for a movie, grab some popcorns or a late night dinner, and make her feel special as that is all what she wants.

In the midst, don’t you forget to take a box of yummy chocolates. They LOVE chocolates.

As quoted by Loretta Young, “A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself.”

So here’s to all the Women out there, now it’s time to make a difference for yourself, make time for yourself, make time for some amazing me time.

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Your hands are for caring and not for carrying heavy shopping grocery bags 🙂

Happy Women’s Day!!!

Happy Women's Day_ Reliance Fresh Direct