Namaste Pune!

Namaste Pune! Here we come 🙂

Online Grocery Pune

It gives us immense pleasure as we step Pune, bringing convenience of grocery shopping to every doorstep.

Being the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune has managed to preserve the culture in an authentic way. Be it the traditions which take us back to the roots of true Marathas to the current educational and IT hub.

With the never dying sporting spirit we know that Punekars work hard all through the week and get less of their time to explore the nightlife & perfect getaway destinations.

And in the midst of balancing work and life, where working hours are longer than ever that absorb all the energy, grocery shopping is another task to complete.

So to all Punekars, when it comes to grocery shopping what are the first words that come to your mind?

Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, clean and neatly packed packaged food, and most importantly trust from the store we purchase.

What best it could be to get those products picked the same way as you pick & delivered right @ your doorstep from your favourite Reliance Fresh stores

We know braving through pollution, looking for a parking space, standing in long billing queues & carrying heavy shopping bags way back home is not so fun!

After all, we work hard for a stress free life.

So now sit back, relax, stay stress free while we take care of your grocery needs.

There are 6000+ wide range of products, 100+ Buy 1 Get 1 deals & 800+ other exciting deals.

So much to shop isn’t it… 🙂

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Happy Shopping!

Learn how to make Puran Poli this Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padvyachya Shubhechha

Happy Gudi Padwa

As the celebration begins in Maharashtra, let’s take a sneak peek about this Hindu Festival of New Year called as Gudi Padwa.

To mark this new year, many Maharashtrain families hoist a colourful Gudi which is made by placing a Kalash on top of a stick with a nice piece of cloth installed atop doors & windows. According to Hindu mythology, Gudi is installed to celebrate the victory of good over evil. People worship Gudi on this day and also do a lot of preparation to welcome New Year.

This auspicious occasion is also considered to buy new things or starting new projects.

From cleaning the house, shopping, decorating the main door,installing the Gudi, worshipping the Gudi to preparing delicious Gudi Padwa Feast like Puran Poli, Shrikhand,Gulab Jamun & other Mithais, all the rituals signify the sweet experiences of life. Isn’t it 🙂

People do invite each other for relishing the feast together.

With lots of work in hand, making sweets at home with all your love is a courageous task!

What best it could be to get the famous Maharashtrain recipe- Puran Poli, just at a click.


So here’s the recipe, just for you. Get ready to hear the compliments.

Puran poli is a flat bread stuffed with a sweet lentil filling made from skinned chana dal/spilt bengal gram and jaggery.

Measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml


  1. 1 cup powdered jaggery
  2. 1 cup chana dal/skinned spilt bengal gram
  3. 3 cups water for pressure cooking the chana dal
  4. 2 tsp ghee
  5. 1 tsp fennel/saunf powder
  6. ¾ to 1 tsp dry ginger powder/saunth
  7. ½ tsp cardamom powder or 4-5 cardamoms crushed finely
  8. ¼ tsp nutmeg powder/jaiphal powder
  9. For outer covering: 1.5 cups whole wheat flour/atta + ½ cup all purpose flour/maida (or you can also use 2 cups whole wheat flour instead)
  10. 1 tsp oil or ghee
  11. ½ tsp salt or as required
  12. ¼ tsp turmeric powder/haldi (optional, to give a faint yellow color to the poli)
  13. water as required to knead the dough
  14. oil or ghee as required for frying the puran poli



  1. Rinse the chana dal first very well in water. Soak for 30 minutes to one hour and then drain the water.
  2. Cook the chana dal in pressure cooker for 6 to 7 whistles. Once the pressure settles down on its own, strain the cooked dal. The dal has to be strained well.
  3. Heat ghee in a pan and add the dry ginger powder, nutmeg powder, cardamom powder and fennel powder. Saute for few seconds.
  4. Add the chana dal and jaggery, stir and let this puran mixture cook on a low flame till the mixture becomes dry.
  5. Keep on stirring the puran mixture at intervals.
  6. Once the puran stuffing becomes thick and dry, switch off the flame.
  7. After it becomes cool, then mash the puran mixture with a potato masher or use your mixer to mash. Keep this aside.


For preparing the poli dough:

  1. Take whole wheat flour, all purpose flour/maida and salt in a bowl mix well.
  2. Add a little bit of water and ghee and mix. Knead the dough by adding water as required.
  3. The dough should be smooth and soft. Cover and keep aside the dough for 15-20 minutes.


Making the Puran Poli:

  1. Take a medium or large size ball from the dough. Roll it 2-3 inches in circumference on a dusted rolling board.
  2. Place a portion of Puran mixture in the center of the rolled dough.
  3. Bring the edges together towards the center and join all the edges and pinch them.
  4. Sprinkle some flour and start rolling the dough.
  5. Make a medium or large circle (poli) as depending upon the size of the dough and puran filling you took.
  6. On a heated tawa or griddle, spread some ghee. Place the rolled poli/dough circle on the tawa.
  7. When one side gets browned, turn over and cook the other side till you see some brown spots.
  8. Once the second side gets browned, then turn over and apply ghee. If everything is done properly then puran poli will puff up. The poli should be cooked well with brown spots.
  9. Stack all the poli’s in a casserole or in a kitchen napkin.
  10. You can serve puran poli warm or at room temperature with milk, ghee or curd.


Quick Poli Saving Tips 🙂

  1. While you roll the poli, be careful as it may break a little, just add some dry flour to that part.
  2. Instead of whole wheat flour, you can use the dough with all purpose flour or maida or use half of both the flours.

So go on and roll some Poli’s. All the best.

Don’t forget to stock up on all your the essentials from or call 022-61 220 220.

Happy Gudi Padwa!

Happy Women’s Day!!!

Reliance Fresh Direct Women's Day

Women’s Day is a day of recognizing and celebrating the importance and strength of women. On this special day, let us all take a moment to salute the different facets of a women and make her feel special and worthy of what SHE is 🙂

She is a Mother- the do’s and don’t list comes from her. But still I look for my mom when I come home. Dad, where’s Mom ?

Does this happen to you???

She is a Sister- Awww….my partner in crime. Sharing and caring best examples with demo. LOL.

She is a Friend- I bet on this….a 24X7 friend, so busy and vibrant yet always on her toes to make life so colourful.

She is a Colleague- the ultimate founders of Work Life Balance. I guess, multi-tasking word was invented to honour all the Women’s surviving on this planet J

She is a Boss- Be it home or office, a Women is always a boss in her own skin.

Today we take this opportunity to thank all the women’s who have made a difference in our life and at least once made us say in our tiny heads, Thank god you are here!

What best could be but to spend some awesome time with your loved one…

Go out for a movie, grab some popcorns or a late night dinner, and make her feel special as that is all what she wants.

In the midst, don’t you forget to take a box of yummy chocolates. They LOVE chocolates.

As quoted by Loretta Young, “A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself.”

So here’s to all the Women out there, now it’s time to make a difference for yourself, make time for yourself, make time for some amazing me time.

We ensure that now you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, simply log on to or call 022-61 220 220.

Your hands are for caring and not for carrying heavy shopping grocery bags 🙂

Happy Women’s Day!!!

Happy Women's Day_ Reliance Fresh Direct

6 easy and quick care tips for soft and smooth skin during winters

Hope you are enjoying the winter chill….all decked up with warm winter apparel, hot beverages and meals…but are you taking enough care of your skin? If not then you will soon be having chapped lips, cracks in heels and dry skin!!

Trust us when we say restoring them to the normal state is indeed difficult and time consuming. But fret not for; all you need to do is gear up with a range of special winter care products that have been specially formulated to protect and moisturize your skin and body during dry weather conditions.

Besides we offer some easy to follow skin care tips which help you to look as fresh and beautiful as always –

1. Avoid using hot water

Use not so hot water each time you wash yourself or bath as lukewarm water helps in retaining the existing oils within layers of the skin. This is because though the hot water will make you feel good but does takes away the body oils and makes your skin rough and dry.

 2. Moisturize frequently

You need to moisturize your skin after a bath and also after every time you wash your hands.  Apply a well enriched moisturizer when your skin is damp as this allows the moisturizer to seep in well into your skin and make it stay soft and supple. Also, this means you need to keep a couple of moisturizers handy – one in your bathroom, near the wash basin in the kitchen and of course, one in your handbag/purse.

3. Choose a good quality moisturizer

Be smart and choose wisely by opting for a moisturizer that is formulated with natural nourishing agents and oils. An oil based moisturizer will help the skin to stay well hydrated and soft. Look out for moisturizers enriched with nourishing agents such as lavender, jojoba, olive oil, almond oil, and chamomile and so on. They work better than water based moisturizers.

4. Continue using sunscreen

Yes, using sunscreen in winters is extremely essential as the winter glare is quite harmful too. So make it a point to apply sunscreen on your exposed body areas whenever you are about to step out in the sun and reapply if you are out for longer hours.

5. Take extra care of your feet

It is absolutely essential that you pay more attention to your feet. While in shower, scrub off the dead and rough skin. Remember to buy and apply a thick foot care lotion containing lactic acid. Apply when your feet are damp and still warm. Cover up with a pair of cotton socks and enjoy the warm feeling.

6. Drink lots of fluids

Drink 10 – 12 glasses of water daily be it summer or winter or monsoon – Make it your health rule no. 1. During winters, we tend to drink less water or choose hot beverages which harm our health and skin too. So take extra effort to drink plenty of fluids and health drinks.

Guess, these are few easy to follow and remember skin care tips for the winter season. And, if you have yet to buy moisturizers and winter care lotions, log on to Reliance Fresh  online and purchase them right away for an exciting range of winter care lotions is available at unbelievable bargain deals and make your skin stays soft, supple and ultra smooth all throughout the winter season by applying them regularly.